KWVA Chapter 314 Officer’s Meeting 7 Nov 18

KWVA Chapter 314 Officer’s Meeting 7 Nov 18
American Legion, Hendersonville, NC
Officers present: Bill Lack, Glenn Richardson, Michele Bretz, George Davidson,
Applefest Chairman: James Taylor
Meeting start time: 12:00 End time: 14:00
1. Election nominations:
a. Commander: George Davidson
b. Vice Commander: Roy Hathaway
c. Treasurer: Glenn Richardson
d. Secretary: ?????
e. Chaplain: Brenda Ploss
f. Sgt at Arms/Applefest Chairman: James Taylor
g. Membership Chairman: Bill Lack
2. Treasurer Report: Approximately $1600 in the bank. Discussed to keep $500/yr minimum.
a. Donations to the following organizations:
1) Healing Farm ($200)
2) VRQ ($200)
3) Honor Air ($200)
4) WNC Military History Museum ($50)
5) Korea Wall ($200) Suggested that members make a donation match for the Korea Wall in memory of someone through the chapter.
6) Banner/signage ($200)
b. Dues: Associate National Membership dues: $16. Local Associate dues: $8/yr. This would cover wives and those who haven’t served in Korea but support the organization. Member dues: $12/yr. Suspense date:
c. Checking account: Louise Weber to be removed from account and Michele Bretz to be added.
3. Notes to be sent to (Michele):
a. Thank you: Tiger Bang for Applefest and K-Wave tickets.
b. Sympathy: Ron Evans family.
4. Applefest (James):
a. Planning for Applefest to start earlier.
b. Continue the following items: Rose of Sharon, only 2 items for raffle, concentrate on raising Korean War awareness only, invite Tiger Bang/Family and Korean Veterans to assist, membership packets
c. .James will be working with Fremont on the new design of the tent/banner.
d. Bill to check on Liability Insurance from National.
5. Events:
a. Veterans Day:
1) National KWVA in DC parade. Bill and Sandy maybe attending depending upon Bill’s medical release.
2) Local:
a) 11 Nov Forest Lawn: Need individuals to assist with wreath laying ceremony (Korean War/POW/MIA). Michele Bretz to represent POW wreath and James Taylor to represent Korean War wreath. Flags to be placed at 8:30 am and ceremony at 11:00 am.
b) 12 Nov: Golden Corral. Members to come and assist with recruiting 4-9 pm in uniform. Advertising has been done by Michele to Asheville Citizen Times, Hendersonville Times, Transylvania Times and WLOS, FB pages for KWVA and WNC Military History Museum. Golden Corral has been decorated with a dedication to those members we have lost in the past year.
c) 14 Nov: Next meeting at WNC Military History Museum at 11 am. James Taylor offered to meet individuals at American Legion to carpool.
b. Holiday/10th Anniversary Party: Dec 5, 12:00 at Baybreeze
1. Korean War Museum has been moved to the Truman Library. Bill to go there either March/Apr 2019.
2. Renaming of chapter to Gen. Frank Blazey. Invite family to attend when naming.
3. Quilts of Valor: get information for each member so that we can have a ceremony and also have one presented to those individual families that have lost a member in the chapter.
4. Membership Drive: every quarter add an informational recruit meeting to get new members and offer a Quilt of Valor.
5. Glenn to draft letter and send to Post 77 members who may qualify for KWVA membership. Michele to talk to Bob Scruggs for permission to obtain their roster.
6. Business cards for officers to be designed with Fremont.
Michele Bretz