By Warren Wiedhahn

                       Chairman, KWVA Revisit Korea Program

The Government of the Republic of Korea (MPVA) has recently notified all the United Nations countries that participate in the Revisit Korea Tours that they will end in 2020. This very popular and generous subsidized program, which commenced in 1975, has allowed tens of thousands of Korean War Veterans, and their families, the opportunity to Revisit South Korea. Those of us who have participated in this generous program owe a big “Thanks” to a grateful  Korean people who, over all these years, have welcomed us with sincere appreciation for helping to save their county from the ravages of communism. From a practical viewpoint, what does this mean?

First, if you’re already registered for a Revisit Korea tour – do nothing! You will be notified of the dates and given an opportunity to select one.

Second, if you are not preregistered, and want to participate, go to page #78 of the recent “Graybeards” magazine and sign up. (Or go online at This is very important since applicants are selected based on the date they registered for the program.

*Any veteran who served “in, over or around” Korea from  25 June 1950 to 25 October 1954.

* The family member of a veteran, otherwise eligible, who was killed in the war or has subsequently died.

* First priority is to a veteran who has never been on a Revisit Korea tour.
* Second priority is to a veteran who has not returned in the past five (5) years.

* All participants must be in good health, as certified by their doctor. In addition, they must have “Death and Disability” as well as “Trip Cancellation” insurance.
Notes: (1) Each eligible veteran (or bereaved family member) must now be accompanied by a “travel companion” during the entire tour.  In the past few years we have had many children and grandchildren accompany the veterans. (2) Veterans Korea service must be confirmed with an official document, such as a DD 214.
Commencing in 2021, the ROK Revisit Korea program will focus their attention primarily on Bereaved family members of Korean War Veterans.

The 2018 Revisit Korea dates for KWVA USA are in June, July and September.